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Company profile

The OMEGA PLUS spol. s r.o. Company was established in 28.2.1993 by a partnership agreement. Upon the forming, the company has focused its activities on the market of logistics and customs declarations. Furthermore, it has provided service activities through the OMEGA TRANS spol. s r.o. Company (www.omega-trans.cz). Through the time, the Company has developed its business activities and expanded personnel, tangible and intangible resources as well.

The Company is controlled from headquarters located in the city of Pilsen. The Company is divided into these individual affiliated:

1. Pelhřimov

Pražská 1655, 39301 Pelhřimov - established in 1997

2. Horní Bříza

Tovární 77, 33012 Horní Bříza - established in 2001

3. Šumperk

Slovanská 9, 787 01 Šumperk - established in 2003

During its development, OMEGA PLUS spol. s r.o. has established a leading place on the market as a provider of complex logistic, forwarding, shipping, custom and storing services. The Company conducts international and domestic flows of goods between manufacturing and business subjects on customers' requests without problems or time delays. Furthermore, the Company is able to elaborate logistic solutions of the good flow for its business partners and participate actively in these activities or realize them completely. The Company has storage and handling areas operated by a professional team at its disposal. It enables to provide such features of the services that are not necessarily included in a contract but are expected by the customer.