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Logistics Projects

IMG_9251OP.jpgLogistics deals with all sorts of activities performed with the objective of ensuring the handover of the product or service to the end customer. In determining the optimum conditions, it is necessary to assess the logistic aspects as a whole. The project includes several functions and activities, which, in the event that their efficiency is improved, will provide the required effect, either in the form of a better quality of services or in the form of cost reduction, which results in a lower price of the product. The essential prerequisite for the successful completion of the entire project is identification of the limiting factors which cause the entire system to slow down, with costs increasing. The analysis of the transportation processes is compared to the customer’s ideas.

Based on the results of a logistics audit, we define not only potential threats, but also opportunities that offer the maximum potential for reaching the required objectives. Assumed profits are confronted with anticipated investment costs. Our applications concentrate most frequently on transportation, storage and stock management. Using the state-of-the-art logistics concept, we perform assessment of the flow of materials, raw materials and goods (mining – processing – production – distribution – consumption) in order to find the optimum solution either within the entire range or within the required section.

We work according to the verified procedure

  1. Precise specification of the request
  2. Establishing the current situation (understanding the real state)
  3. Thorough analysis of the current situation
  4. Identification of critical points
  5. Elaboration of alternative concepts of dealing with the real situation
  6. Selection of the optimum solution
  7. Implementation in compliance with the economic aspects
  8. Analysis concerning possible further improvements in efficiency

If a particular task is to be dealt with, we can either provide the logistics solution, or we can provide our active assistance to the customer (consultation, methods, etc.). Naturally, we can implement the solution completely.


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