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Transport ADR


We transport hazardous loads, which must be equipped with ADRIn addition to ADR class 1 (explosives) and class 7 (radioactive waste), our company can transport any hazardous material (goods).

For transport ADR we need

  • UN number,
  • class ADR,
  • packing group and classification code,
  • the official naming of ADR,
  • netto and brutto weight of the shipment. 

Hazardous load is divided into 9 classes

Class 1 - Explosive substances and objects
Class 2 - Gases
Class 3 - Flammable liquids
Class 4 - Flammable solid substances
Class 5 - Substances supporting combustion
Class 6 - Poisonous substances
Class 7 - Radioactive substances
Class 8 - Caustic substances
Class 9 - Other hazardous substances and objects


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5 reasons why cooperate with us

We lay great emphasis on the reliability of our services
Professionalism our employee
Complexity of services in national and international transport
Wide and modern fleet
Tradition from year 1993